“LaRocco teams up with Matthew McCleery, Martin Stopford, and Lawrence Lindsey – all veterans of the industry – to pull together some fascinating insight into the impact that shipping has on all of our lives… it is the entrepreneurs and financiers profiled within this book that might truly hold the keys to the global economy’s eventual recovery or collapse. Those are stories worth reading.” – Barry Glassman,

“In this world of Google maps and killer apps it’s easy to forget what actually makes the modern world go round: shipping. This book is a fascinating corrective, bursting with interviews with some of the masters of the seven seas. One of the big themes is whether the old family shipping business can survive when private equity is increasingly interested in the industry. Interviews with the likes of Jacob Stolt-Nielsen, Norwegian inventor of parcel shipping, and private equity titan Wilbur Ross give the book real oomph.” – Campden Family Business

“The book is about adventurous and influential lives of global shipping entrepreneurs and businessmen, like Jacob Stolt-Nielsen, John Fredriksen, Robert Yuksel Yildirim, Roberto Giorgi, Nicholas Pappadakis and many more.. It is not only full of powerful words but also the rich experiences of these people. I just cannot stop reading this book.” –

“Is it possible to write an insightful book on shipping and ship finance that qualifies as a page-turner, unimpaired by the sort of leaden prose that typifies academic volumes on theses subjects? Step forward Lori Ann LaRocco with Dynasties of the Sea, which offers a succession of potted biographies of some of the biggest names in this business, all written from the point of view of a savvy outsider.” – David Osler, Lloyd’s List

“It comprises 20 fascinating vignettes or case studies of some of the world’s leading shipowners and in some cases, their families. Without doubt a very interesting and useful book.” – Work Boat World

“A valuable collection about the vision and strategy of the leading companies involved in global maritime industry.” – Gibran Julio, Mexico Finance Blog

“”I found a number of hidden facts and hints for the shipping business.” – Okan Duru, Istanbul Technical University

“Nowhere else can you get an insider’s view on the varied perspectives of the owners, investors, and operators of various shipping companies from around the world. It is a very entertaining way to get a Master’s primer on maritime. I think anyone with an interest in global economics or business in general would enjoy the leadership lessons it contains.  Dynasties should be an addition to your bookshelf or Kindle library.” – Klaus Luhta,

“I would recommend it to any shipping outsiders looking for a crash course in the industry, and even old hands will pick up snippets they didn’t know already.” David Osler, Lloyd’s List

“Interesting portraits of powerful people in shipping.” – Alexander Grødeland, Solvang ASA

Dynasties of the Sea – published by Marine Money who also produced the enchanting The Shipping Man – comes at a poignant time in the shipping cycle. This book takes stock of the last four years of turmoil and also looks to the horizon. While these dynasties all have in common courage, humility, passion and an entrenched belief that crisis and opportunity are the same thing, they waver widely from each other in their risk aversion, whether they think the industry will consolidate and how they arrive at their impactful decisions.

Lori Ann LaRocco’s series of interviews with these shipping magnates [are] concise, well presented and serving the none-too breezy subject of shipping finance into manageable (and at times) intriguing morsels. That the book exists is hugely important. That we know more about what makes these vital decision-makers tick is hugely important. And for those who work in more corporate and soulless industries, this book will (hopefully) be refreshing and enlightening – proving that no amount of knowledge learned in a classroom can ever replace cold, hard experience.” – Caroline Knight, Vessels Value Limited

“CNBC Sr. Talent Producer Lori Ann LaRocco has penned a fascinating new book.” – Marc Kramer, SmartCEO Magazine

“If you think the shipping industry is boring – you’ve got to read Dynasties of the Sea.” – Gary Goldberg, Money Matters

“Have you ever wondered how shipping pioneers got their start? How they built and lost vast fortunes and lived to tell the tale? LaRocco has a great way of getting their amazing personal stories.” – Jill Bennett, Vancouver News Radio

“Compulsory reading for all involved in shipping” – Gust Biesbroeck, ABN-AMRO

“This is an excellent overview of many of the characters in the current world of shipping. I found that it was directed to the personalities that were successful and I found it fascinating. The author is clearly expert on the subject. I have met John Fredriksen and Tor Olav Trøim and thought that, for those who had not met them, this book was a good introduction. For an investor, it is good to know the people that you have invested with. So, if you are investing in Seadrill, Frontline 2012, North Atlantic Drilling, Golar, Golar Partners, Seadrill Partners, Ship Finance or any of the other companies related to these two gentlemen, well, this book is a fun read. And useful. Enjoy.” – Amazon Reviewer

“The shipping magnates which were interviewed provided interesting insight in regards to their abilities to navigate the volatile world of shipping. The world of shipping finance and its ever present European influence was depicted by LaRocco when interviewing Dagfinn Lunde. Robert Bugbee, the larger than life President of Scorpio Tankers, gives his insights on the importance of momentum. There are valuable nuggets if information packed into this well written book covering modern day shipping titans.” Austin Sperry, Barge Capital

“When executives are profiled in a hardcover book – especially one with a flattering title – they tend to be more forthcoming than they would in an interview for a magazine article. That’s what makes Dynasties of the Sea by CNBC producer Lori Ann LaRocco so relevant. She has enticed telling quotes on cycle timing from some of shipping’s top players.” – Greg Miller, Fairplay

Dynasties of the Sea is a must read for anyone. Lori Ann LaRocco captures the big ideas and backgrounds of these shipping titans who tend to stay out of the spotlight. This book is engaging and emphasizes shipping’s vital role in free trade and how important capitalism is to the growth of the global economy. Powerful!” – Donald Trump, Chairman and President, The Trump Organization

“It’s not just enough to ‘Buy American’ – we have to ‘Sell American’ around the globe. My state is the home of the top foreign tonnage port in the United States. Free Trade has been essential in the growth of our Port system. Lori Ann LaRocco’s enlightening efforts highlighting the value Free Trade brings to all our lives, especially the role that shipping plays, prove what Sir Walter Raleigh wrote four centuries ago ‘whosoever commands the sea commands the trade.’ Instead of pirates and empires controlling the seas, today investment in the future races through the world’s great oceans bringing a bit of Texas to the world and the world to Texas.” – U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady, Deputy Whip and Chairman, U.S. House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Trade and Vice Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee

“To get a clear view on what makes the global economy tick, you should read Dynasties of the Sea. Lori Ann LaRocco’s profiles of the colorful captains of the global shipping industry provide a unique insight into why they’ve succeeded and what powers global growth.” – Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody’s Analytics

“…Trade has expanded and the world is more and more economically interdependent. But there are key players, traders, shippers and entrepreneurs behind these trends, and their stories have been brilliantly brought to light by Dynasties of the Sea. This unique read is an important contribution in truly understanding the direction of today’s global economy.” – Jon Huntsman, Jr., Former Utah Governor and Former United States Ambassador to China

“Lori Ann LaRocco has done it again, this time masterfully chronicling one of the world’s oldest and most respected businesses. The shipping industry has enabled civilizations to develop and prosper for thousands of years. And yet no one has brought to life this story of maritime commerce – and the titans who have driven it – better than LaRocco. Dynasties of the Sea should be required reading for anyone whose life is supported by this great business. Its telling narrative will also fascinate any reader interested in economic development, free trade, or how the countless goods we use every day make it to our homes and offices… I recommend enthusiastically.” – Russell S. Reynolds, Jr., CEO, RSR Partners

Dynasties of the Sea captures the rich history and the key players of the shipping industry, bringing to public attention the critical role shippers have played in driving international trade and our global economy. With 95% of consumers living outside of the United States, the shipping industry is what connects our manufacturers and business to these important customers, ensuring that that the U.S. can maintain its global competitiveness.” – Jay Timmons, CEO, National Association of Manufacturers

Dynasties of the Sea offers a fascinating analysis of the shipping industry’s contribution to the economic expansion and the importance of global trade. A worthwhile read for both the novice and professional.” – Rick Scott, Governor of Florida

“Dive into the minds and set sail with the world’s greatest shipping magnates. See how shipping affects all of our everyday lives in such a huge way. Lori Ann captures the importance of global trade and sinks it into this fascinating piece of work. As a successful businessman myself, it was great to read how conservatively they all have, and continue to run their companies. Being prepared and able to foresee and handle cyclical moves is a must in any business! While reading this book I can’t help but think how similar it is to my upbringing – very important life lessons, guidance from my parents, work hard, be honest, be good to others. Lori Ann LaRocco is a talented author and friend, I will recommend this book to everyone I see.” – Amazon Reviewer


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