gCaptain Founder Shares Glowing ‘Dynasties’ Review

Co-founder of the popular industry site gCaptain.com and author of Fire on the Horizon: The Untold Story of the Gulf Disaster John Konrad recently shared his thoughts on Dynasties of the Sea in this Amazon.com review:

In the past few decades Marine Money has become the premier organization for joining the world of shipping and high finance. Marine Money’s experience, knowledge and network of financial titans makes it a battleship of authority within the shipping industry and the book reads as if the entire battery of 20 inch guns have been aimed at the most influential names in shipping with an order to tell the truth OR ELSE! Of course, firepower is not Marine Money’s method for getting the likes of John Fredriksen to talk candidly. They answered LaRocco’s difficult questions with honesty for another reason… in return for a debt of gratitude for her years of hard honesty as a CNBC journalist and for the stellar track record of her publisher, Marine Money.

I believe I share the enthusiasm of an entire industry in saying I’m thrilled Marine Money is now publishing books. I’m even more thrilled that its first two titles, The Shipping Man and Dynasties Of The Sea, maintain the high standards and readability of the magazine. Both are destined to become shipping classics. These reasons alone should be enough to compel you to purchase the book but, if you still need to be convinced, please note that both books are also fun, page-turning, reads.

We thank John for these stellar comments and are glad he enjoyed the book, along with The Shipping Man, so much.


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