LaRocco Reports on Potential “Container Cliff”


An article from LaRocco’s series on port negotiations for

Lori Ann LaRocco has clearly caught the shipping bug, as we like to say in the industry. Following publication of Dynasties of the Sea, LaRocco is continuing to report on the sector from her position at CNBC.

Over the past two weeks, LaRocco has been reporting extensively on the potential longshoremen’s strike that could unfold if the unions do not reach a settlement by February 6th of this year (this deadline has been extended from December 29th over the course of negotiations). Her coverage of the story for can be found here, and she has also spoken with WCBS 880 about the issue.

We wish you all a happy 2013 and look forward to sharing updates on both the port negotiations and Dynasties of the Sea in the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “LaRocco Reports on Potential “Container Cliff”

  1. Would love to hear thoughts of some of the container guys profiled in the book about this whole labor dispute. Malcolm (Malcom) McLean probably turning over in his grave at this point.

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