Andreas Sohmen-Pao is the latest featured in Lori Ann LaRocco’s series of Dynasties excerpts.

Lori Ann LaRocco

As with many shipping companies they started out as a family business. Andreas Sohmen-Pao is the third generation CEO in the family-run, multi-billion-dollar BW Group. The company was created through the merger of two family shipping dynasties – Bergesen of Norway and World-Wide Shipping of Hong Kong – whose operations span multiple business areas: crude oil tankers, product tankers, chemical tankers, LNG carriers, LPG carriers, and offshore floating production vessels. Although it is a family-owned company, BW has been active in the capital markets and has had, at various times, publicly traded subsidiaries and bonds. BW Offshore (OSLO: BWO) is currently listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

World Wide Shipping was created in 1955 by Sohmen-Pao’s grandfather, Sir Yue-Kong Pao, (commonly known as “Y.K.”). His grandfather’s entrance into shipping heralded what many in the industry called the “new era of Hong Kong’s capitalism.” Y.K. famously steered his company through a…

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