CMA Newsletter Features Dynasties

The December 2012 issue of the Connecticut Maritime Association Newsletter features several mentions of Dynasties of the Sea.

Newsletter editor Don Frost writes:

We did our first luncheon in NY City last month (November 13th) and it was a sell-out. To be sure we picked the right speaker and venue for our debut in the “Big Apple”. The
ambiance and cachet of the Harvard Club helped, but it was Robert Bugbee of Scorpio Tankers, and his thoughtful comments, that filled the room.

Upon the heels of our luncheon came Marine Money’s Ship Finance Forum at the Plaza Hotel on Thursday November 15th. The book that was launched that evening: “Dynasties of the Sea: The Shipowners and Financiers Who Expanded the Era of Free Trade”. [It is] written by Lori Ann LaRocco who previously wrote “Thriving in the New Economy” and is also the Senior Talent Producer for CNBC television’s award winning business program “Squawk Box.” Her book introduces the non-maritime world to more than 20 of today’s shipping movers and shakers and their individual stories. Putting a public face on a largely invisible industry – Priceless!

The newsletter also contains some photos from the organization’s mentioned luncheon featuring Robert Bugbee, who is of course one of those profiled in Dynasties, and a page highlighting the Dynasties subjects with an active presence in the association.

Thanks to the CMA for their generous support of the book.


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