Dynasties subjects sound off on their relationships with their investors.

Lori Ann LaRocco

As with any industry, things change over time and the shipping industry is no different. While the world fondly looks at the shipping industry as one that is controlled by the Greeks, they are mistaken. The capital markets have greatly changed the face of the maritime industry. In “Dynasties of the Sea” there is no love loss between the traditional shipowners and the publicly traded shipping companies or private equity firms whose portfolios now include vessels.

Three of the biggest criticism the traditional shipowners have over the new breed of owners is the time table of investments, how the companies perceive value and the way they conduct their business. In an industry where the shake of a hand means more than a signed contract, the formality of the use of lawyers and the increase litigation leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of some traditional owners. “Shipping and trading are…

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