Lori Ann LaRocco explains the relationship between politics and business using some key quotes from Dynasties of the Sea.

Lori Ann LaRocco

The intertwined relationship between business and politics is really a simple one. Inaction = uncertainty. Just like shareholders in companies, citizens of countries demand leadership and accountability from their politicians. If they don’t get it, confidence is weakened and in some cases, shattered. While Europe continues on their never-ending crusade of so-called “solutions”, Americans watch as politicians on capitol hill continue to take their jabs as they try to “compromise” with the fiscal cliff getting ever so closer.

But while the game of politics are played, businesses sits on the sidelines to watch. “At some point, our creditors will call the question (of our fiscal health) on us. If the do, it will re-price the cost of our borrowing.” worries Charles Fabrikant, Chairman of SEACOR Holdings (CKH). If that would happen, the higher cost of capital could impact asset values. Asset must have pricing power to maintain value and their…

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