Dynasties Launch Featured in Today’s TradeWinds Issue

Dynasties of the Sea‘s launch is featured in a full-page spread in today’s industry paper, TradeWinds.

Dynasties launch write up in TradeWinds, Nov. 30 2012.

Dynasties launch write up in TradeWinds, Nov. 30 2012.

TradeWinds, which also sponsored the day’s events, reports:

Marine Money’s autumn conference in New York has grown into a robust forum devoted to the full scope of the international shipping industry over the last number of years.

That evolution was emphasised further this year when the organisers took to the famed Plaza Hotel beside Central Park for the day, capping off the event with a cocktail party in the ornate Oak Room.

The special occasion was the release of the book Dynasties of the Sea by Lori Ann LaRocco, producer of cable network CNBC’s “Squawk Box” show. It was published by Marine Money, which staged the reception with co-sponsorship from TradeWinds and the Marshall Islands registry.

LaRocco’s work chronicles the exploits of the likes of John Fredriksen and right-hand man Tor Olav Troim, Nicholas Pappadakis and Phillipe-Louis Dreyfus, public-company leaders Angeliki Frangou, Peter Evensen, Robert Bugbee and Morten Arntzen, and even bankers Dagfinn Lunde and Michael Parker.

Several of those featured in the book were on hand to sign copies, which has perched at the top of Amazon’s transport-sector best-sellers list for the past few weeks.

It is described as “a privileged view into a largely private world, a multicultural industry at ease conducting millions of dollars of business around the world, sometimes on just a handshake”.

While the book may be a psychological lift for a largely suffering industry, conference attendees also heard a sobering note from shipowner Pappadakis, who related some advice he had recently given.

“The other day for the first time in my life I told my children I’m not sure they should stay in shipping,” he said. “When I entered it in 1961, it was unregulated. Now it’s totally over-regulated.”

TradeWinds also captured interviews with Wilbur Ross, Dagfinn Lunde, and Nicholas Pappadakis which it released immediately following the event.



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