Dynasties of the Sea Launch Successful

The past two days have been eventful as Dynasties of the Sea launch week draws to a successful close.

Yesterday featured an appearance by Wilbur Ross on Squawk Box, a piece by Lori Ann LaRocco for Forbes.com and Marine Money’s Ship Finance Forum culminating in the official book launch.

The forum featured Ross and Peter Evensen in a panel on the year’s most significant deals, as well as a Dynasties-themed panel featuring Nicholas Pappadakis, Dagfinn Lunde and Robert Bugbee. Audio recordings for these presentations are available the Marine Money website.

Fellow maritime news outlet TradeWinds captured interviews with Ross, Pappadakis and Lunde.

Dynasties Launch, Nov. 15 2012. (C) Chris Preovolos.

Immediately following the conference, Marine Money hosted a launch reception where LaRocco and the Dynasties interviewees in attendance signed copies of guests’ books. Notable attendees included Richard LeFrak of the LeFrak organization and several of LaRocco’s CNBC colleagues.

This morning, CNBC’s Squawk Box series on Dynasties concluded with Bugbee and Evensen.

LaRocco also filmed a segment for CNBC Europe’s Investing Edge which can be seen on CNBC World tonight and 9:00 and 11:00 PM ET and 7:30 AM tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the book has been a best seller within the transportation and business biography genres throughout the week.

A big thanks to everyone who attended our conference, ordered a copy of the book, and reported on its debut.

We are pleased that the launch of Dynasties of the Sea went well and look forward to its continued success.


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