Dynasties Review Featured in Argentinian Magazine

Reflecting the true international nature of our industry, it’s not surprising that our first Dynasties of the Sea review comes from Argentinian magazine Megatrade. Originally published in Spanish, a translation of the article follows below, and for those interested in viewing the original, we have uploaded a copy here.

A Book Published by Marine Money International

Global Shipping Leaders Speak

Dynasties of the Sea: The Ships and Entrepreneurs Who Expanded the Era of Free Trade (Marine Money International 2012) written by Lori Ann LaRocco, a young business journalist, is the first book to examine a major force in global trade and economic development: the shipping moguls who run the industry.

From Monaco to Hong Kong, London or Athens, Singapore to Oslo, shipowners and financiers have changed the world in every way possible. Transporting agricultural products from Brazil to Africa and the Middle East, or crude oil transported Middle East to Asia or the Americas, to each article of clothing or electronic equipment in the world; shipowners have contributed to global economic development and helped growth in living standards overall. But ocean shipping is also one of the most volatile businesses in the world.

Affected by such imponderables as climate and political circumstances, shipowners culture has maintained its commitment to the industry that has grown for centuries and will continue to grow for centuries to come.

The first-person candid and detailed profiles of Dynasties of the Sea provide a critical internal analysis into the psychology of the current generation of shipping magnates and how political, economic and environmental risks affect how they perceive the world of tomorrow.

Lori Ann LaRocco, author, noting her experience in the many months of interviews, said that she had already previously known that the shipping is a forward looking indicator of the economy; but increasingly understood it to be one of the lesser-recognized industries worldwide. “What made all these interviews inspiring,” she said, “was that they deal with situations that are discussed in the world, and they do not stay in one place, they go forward. I love how defined the opportunity and the enforceability of their strategies were.”

Recalling the words of Churchill: “In a situation of the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, but instead the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

The book is edited by Marine Money International, which specializes in shipping and will be available in November.

Thank you to Darío Kogan and the team at Megatrade for publishing this thoughtful review.


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